May 7, 2008

oconto, WI

Oconto WI

Plano, TX

Plano, TX


From email:

Dear Cori,
It was a nice surprise to hear from you. I know you asked us to be brief so I’ve contemplated what would be the most important thing I could share with you and all the other Imigs. I guess that would easily have to be believing in Jesus Christ as your one and only Savior. You can find more information at

I graduated with a degree in Political Science from UW-Whitewater. I’ve worked for UPS as a package car driver since 1990. Cheryl and I have been married for 15 years and we have three children Kaci (13), Collin (11), and Carter(7).

I also have two sisters Kim (Imig) Kendall and Karen (Imig) Armstrong. My father is Ronald Imig of Simi Valley, CA and my former Grandfather was Herbert Imig from Lena, WI. My Grandmother, Clara Imig is still living here in Milwaukee WI, as is my uncle Gerald and his two sons Nathan and Nick.

Sorry for the late notice and for not being brief.

Take Care and God Bless,


(Received Friday April 18, 2008 )


I rec’d your note. My wife Sally and I live in Houston. We both grew up in Nebraska and attended the University of Nebraska. My parents were Mr. and Mrs. Leo Imig of Seward and I am the ninth of 10 children.

My Mom passed away 3 days before Christmas at the age of 94. I have two children in college. Jill is a senior at SMU and actually considered going to SCAD. Rob is a freshman at RPI.

I wish you the best on your project.

Rick Imig


(Received April 20, 2008 )

Hey Cori-

I got your facebook message about “The Imig Project” – cool idea, what are you studying at SCAD?

I remember trying to make a family tree in 2nd grade and dad’s (Rick Imig) half of the tree required an additional page to be taped landscape-oriented on the side b/c of the Imig population! He is 9th of 10 kids.

We have family reunions every 2 years, my brother (Rob) and I fall in an awkward spot b/c we’re the youngest of the grandkids, but older than all the 3rd generation. This Christmas our grandmother passed away, the coolest thing about this family is that though we live all over, all of the living children and their spouses were there, 19 of the 21 grandkids and spouses were there, and almost all 13 (?) great-grandkids were there.

Anyways, my name is Jill, I’ll be graduating from SMU this May with a Bachelor of Arts in Advertising. After graduation I’ll be moving to Los Angeles to be a strategic planner for 20th Century Fox’s media company, Zenith Media. Should be fun! Eventually I’d like to move to Colorado and enjoy the outdoors on a daily basis. As far as breakfast, I’m a big fan of Go Lean Crunch w/ skim milk.

Just a heads up, you may already know this, but I was looking at your blog and Otto and Sarah Imig don’t live in Alaska, that’s their daughter Anastasia- who is awesome, she is probably 28 and has traveled the world teaching in Asia, the Middle East, and now Alaska. Cool stories if you can get a hold of her. She’s one of the coolest family members we have. Not that the massive stack from Wisconsin isn’t full of cool people….

Hope your project goes well! You should forward a copy of your thesis or post it online if it’s a positive outlook on the family (hopefully it will be). I’m sure a lot of people would enjoy reading it.

Good luck at SCAD-

Jill Imig


(Received April 20, 2008 )


I am writing on behalf of my grandparents Norman and Flo Imig, in Lexington, Kentucky. I am their granddaughter, Emily Bryant, and a freshman at Transylvania University. My grandparents were definitely interested in what your were doing, but at ages 81 and 75, they didn’t really understand the whole senior thesis/blog thing. So, they asked me to email you. We are related and keep in touch with the Imigs around Green Bay, Fort Myers, and Dallas. If there is any other information you’re interested in, just let me know. I think you have chosen a very interesting area to research and look forward to hearing the results and sharing them with my grandparents and family.

Emily Bryant
(859) 608-9857


(Received April 18, 2008 )

Son of Edward Joseph Imig of Seward Nebraska now deceased.
I have lived in Minnesota since may of 1948
I have 2 sons 6 Grandsons and 1 Great Grand daughter
You are in a family of Good people. Hope your project gives you a good grade
(Received April 21, 2008 )
Thanks for the letter, Cori. What a creative idea! I love how you took pictures of the letters you sent to each state.
My name is Kelly Imig, and I live in Fort Worth, Texas. My parents, Wally and Ann Imig, live in Plano Texas, and my older brother Mark, lives in Rochester, MN.
I grew up in Plano, Texas, and graduated from Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, Texas. Currently, I’m the Director of Marketing at The Miller Company in Colleyville, Texas.
In my free time, I am involved at Fellowship Church, volunteer with Big Brothers Big Sisters (I mentor a 14 year old), take weekend trips, and I enjoy running half marathons. I signed up to run my first full marathon in Chicago in October.
If I could choose my last meal, it would be a dessert and Starbucks coffee buffet with choices like Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, chocolate chip cookies, brownies, banana pudding, my Grama’s pumpkin pie, cheesecake, and Oreo McFlurries from McDonalds.
My motto in life is “Move with Confidence.” It applies to almost everything in life…job interviews, exams, asking for a raise, confronting a problem, etc. When you act like you know what you are doing, no one will question you!
Good luck with your senior thesis.


(Received April 23, 2008 )
Hi Cori! My sister, Cierra Imig, of Denver, forwarded me your 4/14/2008 letter. I’m an Imig (obviously) but I use my married name of Gantz. My folks are Al and Beth Imig of Lincoln, NE. I still live here in Lincoln as well.
I could go on about the family ties but will let you let me know if you need it. Wouldn’t want to bore you if you’ve already penciled me in! 🙂
This is a really cool thing you are doing. Thanks for reaching out…and nice to meet you! Let me know what else you need/want!

Chris Gantz

(Received April 24, 2008 )
Hi Cori – My name is Julia Carabillo Imig and I’m married to Daniel Imig, who I’m 99.9% sure is the same Daniel Imig in Arlington that got sent back to you recently. We currently live in Alexandria, just 1 town away, but moved in November from Arlington, so the old address probably hasn’t come off the whitepages.
Hope that helps!
p.s. We just sent in our letter yesterday. Good luck with your thesis!
(Received April 22, 2008 )

My name is Carroll Imig, and I live in central Illinois. My Great
grandfather was with the first group of Imigs to come to America.
Information that I have shows the first property they owned was located
about 1 and 1/2 miles from where I live. I am 4th generation of Imig’s to
live in this township and my grand children are 6th generation. I live
about 1 mile from the house I was born in. I have 3 sisters and no
brothers. I was named Carroll because I was born on Christmas day. My
father was an only son and I was an only son. I have 2 sons and they have a
total of 3 sons. Hopefully my grandfathers blood line will carry on.

Most of the Imigs in this area were farmers. I farmed for many
years and then worked for the Illinois Department of Agriculture. I retired
from there at the end of 2004. I have been involved in politics all my
adult life. I am currently on the county board and I am running for
Tazewell County Recorder of Deeds.

This is probably more info than you wanted.

Carroll Imig

(Same day, different email)

I just looked at some of the responses you have received. I
didn’t read them all so possibly other have the same information I have.
Orin Imig put a book together that traces our family back to 1820 in
Germany. A lot of history.

Carroll Imig
(received April 22, 2008 )


My grandparents, Norm and Flo Imig’s, sentence is:

We enjoyed being outside in the great weather today and did some work in the garage.


Emily Bryant

( Received April 28, 2008 )

I am currently en route to my home in Durango, Colorado from Portland, Oregon where I visited my daughter, her partner and my 4-month old grandson.

Dick Imig


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