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May 4, 2008

Through email:


I’ve received word of your project. I’m the Michael Imig you attempted but
failed to reach in Alexandria, VA. That’s because my wife and I moved some
years ago back to the Imig “homeland” in Germany. Don’t know how long we’ll
stay, but we enjoy it so far.

My sentence:
It may interest some readers to know there’s an “Imig Street” (Imigstraße) in
Louisendorf, Germany and with Imigs still living on it. Attached, the picture.


Michael Imig


What a great idea you had to coordinate this .. thank you!
I’m writing on behalf of Clara Imig who recently celebrated her 94th birthday in December 2007.  Clara was married to Herbert Imig and moved from Green Bay, Wisconsin to Milwaukee, Wisconsin over 55 years ago.
Herbert was a fisherman in Green Bay and became a welder for Caterpillar upon moving to Milwaukee.
Together they raised three children; Shirley, Ronald and Gerald.  They also have 7 grandchildren , 9 great-grandchildren and counting:)
One of Herbert’s favorite hobbies was shuffle board which he loved to play.  They became “snowbirds” and traveled to Texas during thew winter months for nearly 20 years where they were able to visit with friends and family while escaping Wisconsin winters.
Herbert had a blessed life and passed away in March of 1989 at the age of 77.
Best of Luck to you Cori!
Dear Cori,

What a great project!  My name is Stacie Imig Kloosterman, and I am
the daughter of Bruce Imig and Susan Bradley Imig of Springfield,
Illinois.  I now live in Sycamore, Illinois with my husband and three
children.  I have always wondered if there is another Stacie Imig out
there anywhere, and I’ve always thought — Not Likely!  I have some
great genealogy information on the Imig Family.  If anyone is
interested, they can contact me at


Stacie Imig Kloosterman

Hi Cori,

My sister, Linda Imig, just sent me the letter she received from your.  My name is Susan Imig DeMuth and I have extensive information on the Imig genealogy.  Our branch of the Imig’s came from Rheinbolle, Prussia & eventually settled in Waukesha, WI. – there are others in NE but not related to us.  In one of the papers I have the title is “origin of the Imig Name”  it states”Dr. Michael Frauenber, in his book Die Bewohner des Obrtamtes Simmern, 1600 -1720 – says that the orgin of the surname of “Imig: is not completely clear.  It appears about 1600 & seems to be derived from surnames like “Emmel & Emerich” which are in turn derived from the first names of “Emmerich” or “Henrich:”  Guess you don’t need this but it is interesting.  I am retired, my husband & I spend 8 months in Plover, WI. & the rest of the time in Brownsville, TX.  Good luck on your thesis, if you need additional information please let me know.

Susan Imig DeMuth
Dear Cori,
>  In response to you letter concerning your thesis, here is a brief synopsis of the Vince Imig family of Tremont, Illinois.
> Vincent R. Imig Born 1962 Tremont High School 1980 Ill Central College 1982 Employed by Tremont School Dist (Maintenance)
> married 1984 to
> Jelinda S. (Pauley) Imig (1965) Pekin High School 1983         Ill Central College 1985 Homemaker
> children
> Maria R. Imig Born 1986 Tremont High School 2004 Moody Bible Institute 2008 Elementary Teacher
> Melody N. Imig Born 1987 Tremont High School 2006 Jr at Western ILL Univ         Criminal Justice Major
> Josiah J. Imig Born 1989 Tremont High School 2008 Fr at Southern ILL Univ         Aviation Major
> Isaac J. Imig Born 1990 Tremont High School 2009 Sr in High School         Possibly will major in Education
>  We have lived here all our lives.  We are believers in Jesus Christ.  We enjoy biking, outdoors, the girls were involved in Volleyball and Track and the boys were involved in Track, Football, and Wrestling.  We love to go to Florida for a beach vacation and the kids have been involved in some overseas trips (Missions).  Good luck with your thesis, and I look forward to checking out your Blog.  Let me know if you need any further info.
> Thanks,
> Vince


May 1, 2008

Redmond, WA

Redmond, WA

Redmond, WA

Lincoln, NE

Denver, CO

Denver, CO

Denver, CO

Chisago City, MN

April 29, 2008

Clinton, IL

Lincoln, NE

Portland, OR

Clinton, IL

Shawnee Mission, KS

April 28, 2008

Las Vegas, NV


From email:

I am currently en route to my home in Durango, Colorado from Portland, Oregon where I visited my daughter, her partner and my 4-month old grandson.

Dick Imig

April 27, 2008

Alexandria, VA

Le Roy, IL

normal, IL

Boulder, CO

Sioux City, IA

Also I got a few more “return to sender”

Liz Imig- Winona, WI

Matthew and Scott Imig- Chicago, IL

Charles Imig- Wausau, WI

April 25, 2008

Morrison, CO

Medina, OH

Tomahawk, WI

Weston, WI

I received two more letter today that were “return to sender”

Otto and Sarah Imig-Anchorage, AK

Linda and Marvin Imig-Wausau, WI

April 24, 2008

I got more letters today.

Seward, NE

Seward, NE

Wheat Ridge, CO

Wheat Ridge, CO

Summerland Key, FL

Ballwin, MO

Mokena, IL

Mokena, IL

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